If you are passionate about the practice of law and are looking for an exciting place to showcase your talent while continuously growing personally and professionally, KSA offers the right opportunity.

At KSA we believe in maintaining a good work-life balance, allowing for an all-round development of our Team members. We take pride in our culture which lays great emphasis on the personal and professional well-being of every member of our Team. We have a very healthy representation of women amongst our Team and strongly believe in gender equality.

If you like what you read above and are interested in becoming part of KSA, send us an email with a copy of your Curriculum Vitae to


At KSA we understand that a debutant attorney has to adjust and adapt to life in a Law Firm. Our Internship Programme aims to provide our Interns a glimpse into our daily routine, in a learning, friendly and stimulating environment. It also provides a platform to the Interns to demonstrate their potential.

We have a structured Internship Programme detailing the roles and responsibilities of Interns, deliverables and timelines which we expect our Interns to adhere to. Scope of work for the Interns ranges from basic legal research, preparing case notes, drafting research memoranda, case briefs, agreements and to assist KSA attorneys in case preparation and transactions.

As part of the Internship Programme, Interns work with various practice groups in rotation. This provides exposure to different areas of law and a variety of legal issues. It provides an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge and gain practical experience while developing team working skills. It provides intrinsic learning to hone and develop softer skills including cognitive skills, internal and external relationship management skills. Holistic personality development is essential for a future day successful lawyer.

Our Internship Programme aims to bring out the best in the Interns by challenging them and helping them take the first few steps towards becoming attorneys. If you would like to apply for an internship at KSA, please write to us at