On professional fee, we offer creative pricing options adapted to the requirements of the client and the nature of the project – whether on Time Spent, Retainer or Project basis.

We at KSA believe in “partnering with our clients and growing with them”.

The Options include:

  • Time Spent Basis - Standard billing arrangements based upon an hourly or daily rate
    The on-going corporate commercial services, including advisory services, are invoiced on a time-spent basis at the hourly rates applicable for the team members who work on the assignments. The rates are based on the seniority, experience and expertise of the team members.

  • Retainer Arrangements
    We can also set up a Retainership Arrangement under which we will render services for a fixed number of hours every month at a blended hourly rate irrespective of the level of attorney providing services, with the additional hours (if any) being invoiced separately at further discounted blended hourly rate. The principle being very simple – the more work that we get, the better the pricing.

  • Project/ Assignment Based
    We can also offer Project/ Assignment based pricing where the scope of work and deliverables are clearly defined. The professional fee for Fixed Services like that of Company Incorporation, Secretarial Records, Registered Office Address and Representation (as a Local Director) can also be agreed upon.

For example, for a major broadcaster, we provided extended legal support on a secondment basis. For several start-up companies, we have drafted contract templates on a fixed-fee basis and negotiated contracts on an hourly fee basis. Other clients have preferred a monthly retainer arrangement whereby the client is guaranteed a certain number of hours of legal services per month, with any hours in excess of the guaranteed hours billed at a discounted hourly rate.

Most important, we want the professional arrangement to meet the expectations of the client and avoid any risk of 'sticker shock'.

Please contact us for more details.